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(Tabebuia spp.), more commonly known as Brazilian Walnut or “Iron wood” is an extremely dense, durable and beautiful tropical hardwood from South America. The highest quality and most consistent Ipe is harvested in Brazil. It is one of the most stable of all the durable timbers. It dries extremely well with little checking, twisting, or bow. It is widely recognized for its strength and natural resistance to decay. It can be used in ground contact without preservatives or additional treatments. Ipe has become the predominant specie used for residential decks as well when the most attractive and durable wood is desired.


  • High density, which results in a high fire-resistence rating
  • Natural resistance to rot and decay. Heartwood is very resistant to attack of fungi and termites
  • Natural alternative to PVC or composite products
  • It can be used without preservatives or additional treatments and is expected to last 30+ years


  • Decking
  • Siding
  • Flooring
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