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Tigerwood Table Top (Muiracatiara)

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(Astronium lecointei), also known as Tigerwood  is an exotic Brazilian hardwood that grows primarily in the northeastern Amazon. Muiracatiara is one of the finest quality hardwoods available that features a unique light golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks. Tigerwood is naturally resistant to rot and decay which results in a 30+ year lifespan without preservatives.


  • Heartwood is very durable in resistance to both white-rot and brown-rot organisms
  • It is dimensionally stable and resists twisting and warping. It will remain smooth, splinter-free and friendly to bare feet for years
  • Offers almost the same strong physical characteristics of Ipe at a fraction of the cost. It is clearly the best decking material available in its price range
  • It offers 30+ years of lifespan without preservatives


  • Flooring


You are buying a natural product, as a result each slab is totally different. However they have been cut into slabs of similar thickness, width and leght. All of our slabs are 2''-2.5'' thick and width of 24'' to 39''.

Your payment is considered a fully refundable deposit. As soon as your order is received one of our representatives will contact you inmediately to discuss specifics such as width, thickness and delivery/pickup arrangements.


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